A pilgrimage of the nerd.

The story of my first convention.
Since I reserved my tickets for Wizard World Philadelphia my anticipation grew and grew. I had never experianced so many people into so many of the same things as I was In the same place. The night before I barely slept. I dressed in my best superman t-shirt and we left for the convention. I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the convention center.
People of all ages,races, and genders dressed as so many different characters made there way into the main hall. The sights, sounds, people, and energy were almost overwhelming. Then I saw him,Jason David Frank-Power Ranger. He was leaving from his first meet and great session and my legs couldn’t carry me fast enough. I caught up to him and nervously blurted out “You are the greatest ranger ever!” He turned around faced me and said “Thanks buddy I appreciate it” My excitement could not be contained. A couple hours later and my picture was being taken with him. After that it only got better. Pictures were taken and amazing,talented, and artistic people were met. It’s amazing how I barely even exchanged names with most of them and we could all just fall into a conversation about almost any subject. My only complaint was having to choose between events. Had I abit more convention experiance I would have done meet and greets earlier instead of having to miss panels to get professional photo ops. Although my favorite part of the evening came when I got to get my picture taken with Brandon Routh and John Barrowman. I have been a huge fan of both Superman and Doctor Who for a long time and getting to meet them was an absolute dream. This was my first convention but it surely won’t be my last.



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