This Is The End-An apocolyptic review


There will be spoilers. I’ve seen to much for anything else.
What starts as a delightful meeting of old friends becomes a hilarious,scary,crude, and debaucherous rollercoaster ride of epic proportions.

Any one who has ever remotely enjoyed the works of Seth Rogen and his cohorts in the past are in for a treat.
Do not go into this expecting a joke a second laughfest. The film shows great restraint at key moments to develope the quasi-real characters so that the funny, scary and action packed moments have much more resonance. 
There were a few moments in the middle of the film where the premise was starting to wear thin but all I had to do was recall Michael Cera’s earlier performance and it brought the laughs right back.
Ofcourse all that restraint goes out the window in the third act when the movie gears toward a preoccupation with demon penis and cannibalism.
Two things that I will forever praise this film for are allowing me to hear Emma Watson curse and for giving me an image of Channing Tatum that will stay in my head till the day I die.
If heaven exists please let it be as portrayed in this film.
Bottom line, if you are a fan of stoner comedy, disaster movies and buddy adventure flicks than this is a movie you must see.

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