Now You See Me: A Magical Review.


I might SPOIL how they did it. Proceed with cuation.
Imagine if you will The Prestige meets Ocean’s Eleven. That in a nutshell is what we have here with Now You See Me.

The movie itself is a magic trick, misdirecting us and all the while telling us exactly what its doing but keeps us looking so closely at each detail that it might be easy to lose sight of the big picture.

At it’s heart the film is a lighthearted and mysterious adventure. The movie begins with four seemingly random street magicians/con-artists being recruited by a hooded figure who brings them together for a purpose we can only guese at untill the film crescendos into its satisfying ending. Multiple viewings may be required to see where all the twists actually took place.
The cast is amazing as robin hood figures who create genuinly likable personas even if at first the movie doesnt seem to be giving them the development they deserve. This however is only another part of the trick as the true mastermind is revealed.
The only negatives were the slightly rushed opening and ending. The film is content to tell the bigest of it secrets as opposed to showing, but I have a feeling this was meant to be a set up for a possible sequal. The movie as a whole delivers on being an entertaining and magical experiance at the cinema.

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