World War Z: An Apocolypse with a Glimmer of Hope


Warning Spoiler Hazard Ahead!

It would have been easy to turn this picture into an all out gore/action fest, but what World War Z manages to do is create a film world where the characters and the visuals carry the audience through an emotional rollercoaster.

Brad Pitt delivers an amazing performance as the ex-united nations investigator put in the impossible position of having to leave his family to find an answer to the outbreak.
The imagery in the film is horrific to be sure but instead of relying on cheap gore the filmmakers chose to leave the worst of it to our imaginations and allow the characters emotions to convey the horror.
What this movie does so well is blend elements of war movies,action adventure,political,suspense,and classic horror to make a film that is both a visual spectacle but also a thought provoking character piece.
My only real complaint was one set piece where the horrendous cgi took me out of what was otherwise an immersive experiance. That moment is fleeting however and the film sucked me back in without fail.
I admire this film greatly for its restraint and reliance on visual and emotional storytelling.
This picture was well paced and used effectivly shot and visually arresting images to quickly set up the rules of this world, and the important plot points and carries them out to a logical and satisfying conclusion.
The film ends not with a bang or a pessimistic view of humanity, but with hope. Hope that if we help eachother and fight for it the world will be a better place.

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