White House Down Review


Spoilers ahead.

Apparently the 1980s have returned and I could not be happier about it. White house down is an action thriller that excites the senses on every level.

Channing Tatum plays a Washington D.C. cop attempting to impress his young politics fan daughter by taking her on a tour of the white house.
The film lacks any and all subtlety in its execution but thanks to a sharp script, endearing performances and the filmmaking talent of director Roland Emmerich, we are treated to a jet propelled action fest with plenty of heart. Tatum and president Jamie Foxx make a fantastic team as they run, shoot, and quip their way through bad guys who could have been relegated to two dimensional moustache twirling villiany were it not for the heart wrenching pressence of James Woods. The entire supporting cast keep the luaghs, thrills and the heart coming as the film comes to a decidedly non-explosive but all the same heart melting, smile inducing, and heart pounding finale. This is the movie the fifth die hard film should have been.
As an action movie that sets up a world that is commited to the illuison it presents I have to give White House Down 10/10

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