DVDouble Feature-First State Comic-Con Edition

-1The_Amazing_Adventures_of_the_Living_Corpse_201This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending First State Comic-Con. During this event two films came into my possession. Both of these films offer such entertainment value I had to share them with you my loyal readers.

The first film is a short entitled “No Clowning Around”

Imagine if you will a down on his luck child’s party clown with an imaginary puppet friend, a drug addict girlfriend and a habit of removing his pants and eating  the birthday cake before its time and you have the basic premise.

Written and directed by Rob Dimension and Matthew Burd, this film has a sharp look that gives it the feeling of a nineteen seventies exploitation film. This look serves the film well as its imagery leaves a permanent impression on ones mind. Every shot takes us deeper into the psyche of this deranged but sympathetic clown whose only wish is to make a life with his love, but the fiendish drug dealer waists no time in bringing him crashing down.

Rob Dimension himself gives a convincing and nuanced performance as Mumbles the Clown. Our “hero” who is pushed to the edge by mental illness and the loss of someone he holds most dear.  I highly recommend this film to lovers of independent exploitation cinema.

You can check out the filmmakers and their future projects at http://www.noclowningaround.com, http://www.youvebeenrobbed.com, and http://www.robdimension.com

Now for the second film in our double feature.

The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse is an animated film that would feel right at home as a Saturday morning superhero staple, were it not for the main character having an incurable hunger for brains.

Based on the amazing comic book created by Ken Haeser and Buz Hasson, the film directed by Justin Paul Ritter takes on the usual tropes of classic horror cinema and turns them on there head by making the hero a zombie who, through mysterious circumstances, regains his consciousness but only after devouring his wife and daughter.  This leads the corpse,played to perfection by Michael Villar, on a journey to find answers to his condition but to also find the forgiveness of his only son. Joined by a dark angel known as Asteroth and a loveable gargoyle named Murk, our hero seeks to rid the world of the evil that haunts it in an attempt for redemption.  If you want a fun movie reminiscent of Goonies meets Night of the living dead with a super hero twist, then look no further than The Amazing Adventures of the Living Corpse. The film is available for rental through Netflix. You can get more info at http://www.corpsecomic.com

I hope you enjoyed this review. Please stay on the lookout for my podcast from the First State Comic con as well a video supplement which will be posted in the next few days.

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