The Triumphant Return of Shazam


In Justice League issue 21 we were treated to the finale of one of my favorite reintroductions of the New DC Universe.

In the past several months writer Geoff Johns and artist Gary Frank have been using the back up feature on the Justice League title to reinvent the origins of Captain Marvel. Although in this version he is just refered to as Shazam.
This take on the character introduces us to the orphan Billy Batson as he is preparing to enter a new foster home. This version of Billy is a jaded and harsh boy to whom the world has given no breaks. It is in the interactions with his new foster siblings and the choices he makes once given his new powers that show us the goodness and strength inside his heart. Billy makes some misteps along the way but when danger strikes he steps up to be the champion he was chosen to be.
This story manages to make the character contemporary while still staying true to the history fans of the character have come to love.
This final issue in the story arc takes all the previously established elements and cements them into an action packed super hero battle driven by endearing characters and a strong sense of family. Justice League #21:Shazam’s Last Stand, and the entire story line that came before are a must read.

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