Rock Jocks


There is a spoiler headed for earth.

What happens when Armageddon, The Office, and The Breakfast Club have a three way while Clerks watches?
You get Rock Jocks.

The premise is simple. A rag tag group of gamers, engineers and middle managers unite to run a super secret group that tracks asteroids headed to earth and destroys them before they destroy us.

There is lot to enjoy here as the script is clever and sharp while allowing the characters to be endearing and still having shocking and offensive humor.

In terms of plot the movie is an uncomplicated affair as we take a glimpse into the night shift during performance reviews and a government number cruncher has come to downsize the program and replace it with a computer cleverly and ironically named “Skynet”.

Each character has there own personal struggle to overcome and the ensemble of actors here come together to deliver a hilarious ride. Felicia Day is a revelation as the team deputy constantly overlooked for promotion and Andrew Bowen shines as the leader who only wants to spend time with his son but does his part to save the world.

The super secret underground lab is also home to an alien visitor referred to only as “Smoking Jesus”, played by Doug Jones. He is the one who brought the technology to earth that allows the team to destroy the asteroids and has remained on earth for no other reason than that we are the only planet in the universe with cigarettes. He might not say much but when he does you had better listen, because he basically explains the entire movie.

A very pleasant change of pace arrived with Jason Mewes and Robert Picardo playing security guards who show up for guffaw inducing non-sequiturs in between the asteroid destroying fun of the main story.

On the technical side the film was paced a bit fast for my taste and for a movie where everyone sits around talking and cracking jokes the camera did seem to shake a tad more than it needed to,but on the whole the movie made me laugh and want to see more of these characters.

If you are easily offended than this film is not for you, but if you can take the jokes in the intended spirit and allow the characters and situations to make you laugh then this film will take you in and not let go till the final asteroid blows up.

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