Zootopia:When Animals Teach Us About Humanity


Zootopia is a hard hitting crime dramedy for kids and adults alike.  It takes topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about and brings them to light in an entertaining way that delivers an impactful and relevent message to its viewers.
Zootopia opens with the story of how this world came to be and evolve. The film is very clever with its exposition and makes it flow organically through the development of the characters rather than the long diatribes that some movies resort to.
The movie is expertly paced and uses every frame to great effect in telling a consice and entertaining story while giving every character all the space needed to grow and have thier motivations dictate the plot.
While the message can feel a bit heavy handed at times, zootopia uses its comedy to make the themes of,never giving up, and open mindedness hit home for all audiences.
At its heart the film is a crime drama with relevent ideas that keeps adults guessing and on the edge of thier seats as the bright colors, cute characters,(I hope any bunny readers won’t take offense)and comedy will entertain the kids while teaching them something as well.
Ginnifer Goodwin and Jason Bateman lead an amazing ensemble cast with tremendous performances across the board. The sincere and powerful portrayals of flawed but heroic characters have made Officer Judy Hops and Nick Wilde one of the best crime fighting duos in cinema history.
Directors Byron Howard,Rich Moore, and Jared Bush with all the talened animators have crafted an  immersive film that will make for a fantastic time at the movies for the whole family.

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