Godzilla: King of the monsters or supporting character?

Director, Gareth Edwards delivers a new Godzilla film that is a masterwork of suspense and creates a world filled with tension and atmosphere. My only concern was, why wasn’t the main character in more of it?

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Amazing Spider-man 2 or How I learned to stop caring and love the grit.

The film plays like a rock and roll record. Adventure, excitement, romance and intrigue abound as each scene plays out almost unrelated to each other were it not for the the three or four fragmented story lines meant to give us glimpses into future films.


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New Logo and New Content Coming Soon… Oh and the new Batman is revealed

Hello everyone,

Sorry I’ve been away awhile.
The winter was not as kind to me as I would have liked, creativity wise that is.
I have big plans for the site, including webcomics, a vid series, and an all new season of the podcast. I swear I’ll get the last episode of The Thor Saga out soon.

Now I would like to draw your attention to the new logo for the site.
It was designed by the amazing Meredith Rowe. Check her out here at http://meredithdesign.blogspot.com/


Now may I just for a moment have a big old fanboy gush fest for this pic of the new Dark Knight Detective

This photo was tweeted by director Zack Snyder himself and this Bat-fan couldn’t be more pleased.
One day I will record a podcast about my love for The Batman but for now enjoy this long overdue update.



This episode marks the start of an epic multipart podcast event where we put the hammer down and get real about the world of Thor. Special Guest and Thor expert Kim Howell joins us for this event.
Special thanks to my sister Samantha for interjecting and to Nechama Frier @ soltian.tumblr.com for providing the amazing artwork.
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I have some exciting updates for the site. On Saturday September 7th Back Pocket Entertainment’s own Matthew Martinez will be attending the Baltimore Comic-con so stay on the look out for future articles and podcasts. Also since the Baltimore convention will be the third con we have attended here at BPE we will be producing a documentary miniseries about our summer convention experience. That should be arriving on your computer screens in the middle of September.

In the very near future though something epic will begin. Saturday August 31st will be the premier of THE THOR SAGA: A multi-part podcast epic extravaganza featuring my dear friend and Thor expert Kim Howel(find her on tumbler at kimmsauce.tumblr.com). Now for a taste of things to come here is a video preview of an audio podcast.