Zootopia:When Animals Teach Us About Humanity


Zootopia is a hard hitting crime dramedy for kids and adults alike.  It takes topics that can be uncomfortable to talk about and brings them to light in an entertaining way that delivers an impactful and relevent message to its viewers. Continue reading

Godzilla: King of the monsters or supporting character?

Director, Gareth Edwards delivers a new Godzilla film that is a masterwork of suspense and creates a world filled with tension and atmosphere. My only concern was, why wasn’t the main character in more of it?

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Amazing Spider-man 2 or How I learned to stop caring and love the grit.

The film plays like a rock and roll record. Adventure, excitement, romance and intrigue abound as each scene plays out almost unrelated to each other were it not for the the three or four fragmented story lines meant to give us glimpses into future films.


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Podcast episode 5- The Thor Saga part II



Hey guys,
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