The Fiction:A Review


The Fiction is a tale of adventure and lost innocence that recalls a nostalgic past but brings the reality of adulthood into the harsh light of day. Continue reading

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes


Welcome to the planet of the spoilers.
Building off the events of Rise of the planet of the apes, this film expands on the origins of everyone’s favorite speaking simians. Continue reading

Godzilla: King of the monsters or supporting character?

Director, Gareth Edwards delivers a new Godzilla film that is a masterwork of suspense and creates a world filled with tension and atmosphere. My only concern was, why wasn’t the main character in more of it?

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Doctor Who #12 or a sign of things to come.


Come with me in a journey through time and spoilers.

The Doctor is the last of an ancient race called the time lords. He travels through time and space in his blue police box called the TARDIS(time and relative dimension in space)which is bigger on the inside. He rights wrongs, saves worlds, and protects the innocent. He rarely travels alone. His friends have always been the best of him. As Craig Ferguson once sang, Doctor Who is all about the triumph of intellect and romance over brute force and cynicism.

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