The Fiction:A Review


The Fiction is a tale of adventure and lost innocence that recalls a nostalgic past but brings the reality of adulthood into the harsh light of day.
The simplest description that could be given for this comic book is that the plot is essentially “It” by way of “The Neverending Story” but that does not truly do justice to what this story accomplishes. The book drops you into a mystery where every panel and line of dialogue drips with detail.
The story barely has any exposition but instead lets the powerful visuals and the characters guide you on this otherworldly journey.
The Fiction is written by Curt Pires and Illustrated by David Rubin and tells the story of four best friends who find a magic book that takes them on adventures in a fantasy world of thier own creation.  When one of the group goes missing it sends the lives of the remaining friends into a talespin that each copes with in different ways as they grow up and the mystery of The Fiction deepens.
Go out to your local comic shop and pick up your copy today.

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