World War Z: An Apocolypse with a Glimmer of Hope


Warning Spoiler Hazard Ahead!

It would have been easy to turn this picture into an all out gore/action fest, but what World War Z manages to do is create a film world where the characters and the visuals carry the audience through an emotional rollercoaster.
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My Dad and The Batman

It was a warm night in 1989. I was a young lad of about 6 and I was waiting in a line that wrapped itself around the movie theater and vibrated with anticipation. My father hoisted me up to sit on his shoulders and I looked out and saw an ocean of people as far as my young eyes could see. At the end of the line was a poster which donned a symbol that would come to define a good portion of my life. THE BATMAN!

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New Earth, New Man of Tomarrow

Superman Earth One Vol.2
Just finished reading this amazing graphic novel written by J. Michael Straczynski and drawn by Shane Davis.
This book takes a very introspective look at the man of steel and changes up the established myth in a similar way as the new film.
This along with Vol.1 take on superman during his earliest outings as the big blue boyscout and shows us a Clark/Superman still unsure of himself and a world that has no ideas if they can or should trust him.
With a few minor tweaks for continuity purposes I don’t see why they don’t just use this as the template for the sequal.
A great read that takes the spirit of the classic character and brings him into humanistic sci-fi world, this version introduces a wicked take on classic villain Parasite, and even shows us a very interesting new version of arch-nemesis Lex Luthor. Or should I say Lex-squared.
Read it and you will get it.


Your grand-daddy’s Superman this is not.

Man of Steel Review
This review may contain spoilers. If you are sensitive to such things please do not read.
The origin of the big blue boy scout is one of the most recognized stories in human history. Ripped from the pages of Judeo-Christian mythology and becoming an icon in his 75 year history,Superman embodies the potential for the seemingly meek and ordinary to achieve greatness. Continue reading

A pilgrimage of the nerd.

The story of my first convention.
Since I reserved my tickets for Wizard World Philadelphia my anticipation grew and grew. I had never experianced so many people into so many of the same things as I was In the same place. The night before I barely slept. I dressed in my best superman t-shirt and we left for the convention. I had no idea what to expect when I walked into the convention center. Continue reading

I think the darkness was a metaphor

Into darkness.
The new Star Trek film was a bombastic rollercoaster ride. Thrilling action and beautiful set pieces made for a fantastic time at the movies. Although even though the film clocks in at almost 2 and a half hours it feels like a bit more time could have been spent developing character motivations but overall some clever twists on the original material kept me on the edge of my seat. I do feel there were a couple missed opportunities to really shake things up and set this Star Trek apart from previous incarnations but I must say I am so glad that Uhura finally got to do her job. Overall I give Star Trek Into(metaphorical)Darkness 3 out of 4 stars.


A skyrim review

It can be very hard to review a video game because so many elements such as playability, narrative, character design can all meld together to skew ones perspective on how a product of this type is absorbed into ones mind as a whole. In that light since Skyrim is a role playing game, I will assume a character and give you an accounting of my first adventure. Continue reading